The 5 Best Leather Carry On Luggage

Whenever one leaves home – whether it’s a holiday vacation, class reunion or a business trip – it is important that you bring the best sets of wardrobe that you have in your collection. The wardrobe that you will bring is in your hands. However, it is also equally important that you put emphasis on what you’re taking it with. A man’s luggage mirrors his lifestyle and personality. Hence, it is important that you choose only the best leather carry on luggage depending on the occasion and your own personality.

It is imperative that you choose not only the one that is visually appealing, but you also must choose the leather carry on bags that is suitable to carry all your belongings and travel essentials. Also, your leather carry on bag must look good when paired with your wardrobe. Most importantly, for business people who are always on-the-go, it is advisable that you make good impressions with your prospects by sporting a smart and casual leather carry on luggage.

What Leather Carry On Luggage to Choose

Bigger doesn’t always mean that it is better, especially when you have to carry it around during long trips.

Different trips also require different types of bags. For people who frequent other countries and for people who love air travel, leather carry on bags will be the best choice for them. This specific type of bag was tailor-made for airline size restrictions. This type of bag is basically a mini-suitcase that can accommodate every travel essential that you need to bring. Leather carry on bags are ideal for short trips.

A leather carry on luggage can serve as your main suitcase when you are on a short trip or mini vacation. This is ideal if you want to avoid the cumbersome airline check-in baggage fees. Also, a good briefcase or a trusty backpack will be good traveling buddies with a leather carry on luggage.

The 5 Best Leather Carry On Luggage

Leather carry on bags have been existing for years. Some sport a vintage look while some exude a more sophisticated and modern appeal. Some are small, good enough for a day’s trip. There are also some that are big enough to accommodate your belongings for a 5-day trip. It all boils down on what you need and what suits your personal preference. Here are the top five leather carry on bags in the market:

Piel European Leather Carry-on

Piel European Leather Carry on bagPiel European Leather Carry-on chocolate

Piel is one of the most recognized leaders in the leather bag industry. It has been in existence for more than 40 years now and the company still produces one of the best hand-made leather bags in the market. Piel’s success can be attributed to the company’s line of durable and exceptional quality leather bags.

One good example of Piel’s popular line of leather carry on bags would be the Piel Leather European Carry-on. It is made from exceptional quality leather material that comes either in black, chocolate or a stunning caramel color. It measures 14” x 20” x 11” and is spacious enough to hold all your travel essentials. It comes with a large top zip opening to the bag’s main compartment. It also comes with an adjustable buckle strap for added security. The bag also has an adjustable/detachable shoulder strap for comfort.

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 Amerileather Leather Expandable 22” Carry-On Pullman

Amerileather Leather Expandable 22” Carry-On Pullman

Amerileather is perhaps the youngest of the five. The company has started out in the year 1999. Amerileather is one of the industry’s leading producers of top quality leather products. The company has been wholesaling leather products in the past decade and is also one of the most promising leather companies today.

The Amerileather Leather Expandable 22” Carry-on Pullman is a top-grain cowhide leather carry on luggage made from cowhide leather. It comes with a wide array of features such as push-button handle, a removable and adjustable add-a-bag strap, in-line skate wheels, front zipper pockets and top & side handles. The Amerileather Leather 22” Carry-on Pullman is an ideal traveling companion for people who are always on-the-go.

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US Traveler Koskin Leather Carry-on Duffel Bag

US Traveler Koskin Leather Carry-on Duffel Bag

US Traveler’s line of products includes a diverse collection of luggage and bags. US Traveler has a vast collection of stylish and innovative products. It has been the most common choice among travelers and businessmen alike. The company’s line of luggage and bags has been carried all throughout the world by fervent travelers and traveling businessmen.

The US Traveler Koskin Leather Carry-On Duffel Bag is perhaps one of the highest rated leather carry on bags in the US Traveler collection. The bag is made from artificial Koskin leather, which may explain why it’s ten times cheaper than other leather bags in this article. It features a large U-shape top opening that opens to a large compartment ideal for storing garments. It also has a gusseted side pocket with zip closure. For comfort, the bag sports a hideaway ergonomic mono-handle system. The bag’s recessed in-line skate wheels make transportation a lot easier and hassle-free. The bag’s adjustable and detachable shoulder strap makes the bag very convenient to carry around during long trips.

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These are just some of the must-have leather carry on bags that you need to have in your collection. Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to bring a leather carry on luggage for the sake of having one. It is crucial that you do not only travel in style but also travel in comfort and convenience. You need to choose the most durable luggage and the high end luggage that meets your traveling needs. There are lots of leather carry on bags in the market but only a few live up to their name. Choose the right one that suits you best and you’ll be on your way to a satisfying travel experience.

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