The Best Lipault Carry-On Luggage

If you are one of those people who want to escape their fast-pace and stressful life, then you need to provide yourself with ample time for relaxation. Travelling should be a relaxing, and not stressful, opportunity, as should choosing a useful and affordable luggage to come with you. Lipault’s soft-sided carry-on collection, created by Francois Lipovetsky, luggage designer for Air France, has garnered great reviews. Lipault carry on bags allow yourself or your family to travel in style and comfort, thanks to their totally unique classic French design and original colors. Their price –under $200– is high enough so that their quality and durability isn’t called into question, yet not so high as to be out of reach for most people.

Take a look at our Lipault luggage reviews below for some of the best Lipault carry on bags on the market:

Lipault Foldable 2-Wheeled 22 Inch Carry-on

Lipault-Foldable-2-Wheeled-22-Inch-Carry-OnLipault-Foldable-2-Wheeled-22-Inch-Carry-On-interiorIf you want to travel with style, the Lipault Foldable 2-Wheeled 22 Inch Carry-on would be your ideal companion. It comes with a stylish design and features that will surely make your trips a lot more enjoyable. You can bring this ultra light luggage on your business trips or short summer vacations.

The Foldable 2-Wheeled 22” carry-on comes with a large zipped pocket on the front of the luggage. It also sports a sturdy telescopic handle and puffy side handle for easy maneuvering. Its main compartment is also spacious and it can accommodate most of your clothes and travel essentials. It also has tie-down straps that will keep your clothes in place while traveling. It also makes use of large zipped pockets on the interior cover. The Lipault Foldable 2-Wheeled 22 Inch Carry-on sports a fully lined interior for added durability. Taking cue from its name, this ultra lightweight luggage can easily be folded and kept inside its own plastic bag for easy storage, may it be in your closet or under the bed.

This Lipault carry on luggage is made of lightweight nylon fabric material. Clocking in at 5 lbs, it’s easily one of the lightest carry-on luggage, and a perfect match for those who don’t have the strength to heave a 9 or 10 lbs bag in the overhead bin. However, be aware that the twill nylon fabric, while light, may be prone to small slashes after a few trips. It also isn’t entirely clear how solid the bottom support bars and rivets are, as one customer reported that they came off on his luggage, though this might be an isolated incident. On the plus side, this bag holds its shape well despite its softness, and packs more than you think thanks to its minimal framing. Oh, and it’s one of the lightest carry-on luggage, did we already say this?

The carry-on luggage has a dimension of 21.6 x 14.2 x 7.9 inches (it’s 21.6” to the top of the handle, but the actual capacity is 20”), a size good enough for people who frequently travel. The luggage is also available in several different colors (such as black, espresso, tangerine) that will fit your personality. As a whole, the bag almost looks like it was designed to be taken on a cruise, as do the rest of the Lipault carry-on bags.

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Lipault Paris Upright 4-Wheeled 22 Inch Carry-on Trolley

Lipault Paris 22in 4-Wheeled Carry-On

Lipault Paris 22in 4-Wheeled Carry-On interiorThe Lipault Paris Upright 4-Wheeled 22 Inch Carry-on Trolley is similar to the Lipault Foldable 2-Wheeled 22 Inch Carry-on above, except that it’s a spinner!

With its Aqua or Orange colors, this line by Lipaut will likely appeal to the women market. This is perhaps one of the best lightweight carry on luggage on the market right now, at 6 lbs (including the spinner wheels!). You won’t need to ask anyone for assistance when lifting it into an overhead bin… However, don’t be fooled by this bag, since it still packs a lot of star-studded features.

The ultra light luggage measures approximately 21.6” x 14.2” x 7.2”. As mentioned, it boasts four trusty wheels that can provide you extreme mobility for easy gliding while you roll it around. The luggage is also made from 420 Denier twill nylon so that the luggage are 100% water resistant.

One of the lightest carry on luggage on the market, the Lipault Paris Upright Carry-on Trolley also comes with a telescopic handle constructed from high quality aluminum. For added comfort, the luggage also features two padded handles on both the side and the top of the bag making it so easy to lift. It also comes with a hand luggage tag on top of the handle. The interior is minimalistic, with just the right amount of pockets.

As most people say, nothing is perfect. This luggage comes with minor flaws. You may likely encounter minor issues like not fitting the luggage into the overhead airplane bin if it is stuffed. Since the luggage’s bottom is rigid and has the wheels attached on it, you may encounter some issues using it as a carry-on on some European domestic airlines that impose strict rules on their airplanes. Disregarding these minor issues, the bag is still a great deal judging by its price and awesome features.

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Lipault Paris 2-Wheeled 20 Inch Satchel

Lipault Paris 2-Wheeled 20 Inch Satchel fuschia Lipault Paris 2-Wheeled 20 Inch Satchel tangerineTraveling doesn’t mean that you always need to sacrifice style over comfort. You can still enjoy your travels by being smart and stylish by using the Lipault Paris 2-Wheeled 20 Inch Satchel.

This luggage is incredibly lightweight making it a breeze to carry around during your hectic travel schedules. Made from 100% high quality twill nylon, the luggage is water resistant while sporting a classic feminine look. Matched with customized hardware, the bag makes use of a monochromatic design. It’s also available in several colors that could match your personality and fashion style.

The Lipault Paris 2-Wheeled 20 Inch Satchel has a dimension of 24” x 15” x 11.5”, a size good enough for domestic travels. It weighs around five pounds. Lipault also offers a 3-year warranty to those who purchase this luggage. It can store most of your travel essentials without you having to carry bulky and heavy luggage while hitting the road.

The Lipault Paris 2-Wheeled 20 Inch Satchel also boats a well-structured and spacious interior that comes with a frame top that enables the luggage to stand open without any support. As a satchel, it has durable double handles. When not in use, you can easily compress the luggage flat for easy storage. The luggage also features recessed rear wheels as well as a comfort-grip telescoping handle for hassle-free maneuvering.

On the downside, we don’t recommend to use this satchel as a wheeled luggage for several reasons: it wobbles and tips, and when you use it upright, the soft side end of the bag sits on the floor, which isn’t always clean depending on where you’re going; when you want to open it, you have to hold onto that (possibly) dirty end to pull the zipper. If used as a duffle, this Lipault Paris 2-Wheeled 20” Satchel is very interesting, but not when used as a wheeled luggage.

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Lipault Paris Foldable 20 Inch Duffle Bag

Lipault Paris Foldable 20 Inch Duffle Bag Lipault Paris Foldable 20 Inch Duffle Bag interior

Another equally popular Lipault carry on is the Lipault Paris Foldable 20 Inch Duffle Bag. Along with other luggage from the brand, this specific model is ideal for those who frequently travel. If you are the type of person who wants to carry lots of clothes and travel essentials during a trip then this luggage is just the right one for you.

The Lipault Paris Foldable 20 Inch Duffle Bag is made from 100% high quality nylon material. With regards to the luggage’s dimension, it is 19.7” high, 13” wide and 11.4” deep. It’s a collapsible luggage, making it easy for you to keep the bag in your closet or under your bed when not in use. Since it’s made from top-grade 420 denier nylon, the luggage is water-resistant making it an ideal travel companion for beach and boat trips. It also comes with a transparent pvc storage bag.

The luggage’s interior is spacious, zippered, and comes with a lined interior and adjustable garment restraints. For your other travel essentials, the interior and exterior have small zippered side pockets. These will give you enough room for all of your short trip essentials.

The luggage’s huge front zippered pocket provide you more space and easy access to things that you frequently use during a trip. It also comes with a trusty combination lock and address label. It also features two inline skate wheels, that are not sticking out, so as to be more durable. On top of that, it also comes with two reinforced carrying handles on the front flap for easy handling. The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap enable you to carry the bag around easily. The only concern that other users experienced with the luggage is that it tends to tip off sometimes when the bag is stuffed. Aside from that, there are no other known issues.

This tank of a duffle bag holds a tremendous amount, yet remains an ultra light luggage. Probably the most versatile Lipault carry on out there!

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