The Best Bric’s Vintage Carry-On Luggage

Bric’s was founded in 1952 in Florence, Italy, by a young Mario Briccola, under the name “Mario Briccola refined luggage”. Right from the beginning, Mario showed creativity in the manufacturing of its suitcases and bags, which were hand crafted and first appeared on the Italian market in 1962. Bric’s started expanding internationally in 1989. Remaining a family-owned enterprise, it opened its first flagship store in 2000 in Milan, in none other than the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, reflecting the elegance and fineness of its luggage. The American branch of Bric’s opened on Madison Avenue, New York in 2001, introducing a dedicated assortment for US consumers, while keeping its high-end status.

Brics-vintage-Milano-woman Brics-vintage-Milano-anToday, Bric’s Luggage remains a world leader in quality luggage production, as it has been for over 60 years. Though the days of the quaint workshop in Florence are gone, the small-company care and quality is still well alive in Bric’s, who has held onto its original values as the second Briccola generation has taken over the leadership. It is the ability to combine concreteness with creativity, innovation with tradition that truly makes Bric’s stand apart.

We’ve selected four of their best carry-on luggage, which will enchant both men and women. You can read about those high-end vintage travel bags below:

Bric’s Bellagio Collection 21” Spinner Trunk

Brics Bellagio Collection 21in Spinner TrunkThe Bellagio collection was launched in 2013 as the flagship, high-class collection of Bric’s, offering fictional travelling. The vintage looks of the range recalls the tradition of elegant and classic travel trunks, adding modern functionality, strength and lightness.

The Bellagio 21” Spinner is a great example of the brand’s amazing ingenuity and craftsmanship. Sporting a striking resemblance to most vintage style luggage that people used to see in markets several decades ago, this beauty has gathered raving reviews from customers.

It’s made from high quality polycarbonate material and measures 21” x 14” x 8”, which makes it fit in all of the domestic and international airlines’ overhead compartments, for a hassle-free passage through airports. It is also one of the lightest carry on luggages at only 5.8 pounds. Its design features a durable and flexible hard side case, with Italian Tuscan leather trims adding that impossible-to-resist vintage touch. For the more understated, the Bellagio 21” Spinner is available in olive and black colors, while the more whimsical customers will appreciate its red, white or pink colors, which push the vintage label to its extreme.

Brics Bellagio Collection 21in Spinner Trunk interior Brics Bellagio Collection 21in Spinner Trunk interior hangersYou will also have a peace of mind while you travel since this vintage style luggage also comes with TSA approved locks. The interior zipped double deck compartment will give you ample storage space for your clothing and other travel essentials, and the business card pocket comes in really handy. It also comes with water repellent zipper that makes sure that the inside will not get wet when you go on a cruise. If you are looking for the right travel companion for your trip, this one is for you!

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Bric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Spinner

Brics Luggage Life 21in Carry-On Spinner olive Brics Luggage Life 21in Carry-On Spinner red


Proving to the world that Bric’s can be a major player in the bag industry is the Bric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Spinner, part of another one of its flagship collection.

This vintage style luggage is made from high quality PVC coated cotton canvas material. It reminds one of the old vintage leather bags, looking both rustic and classy all at the same time. Bric’s has also made sure that the Life 21” Carry On Spinner will last for a long time as its new construction makes use of a foam frame design to resist any damage to the luggage. It also comes with water and stain resistant fabric giving the bag a classic suede look while helping make the bag durable. You can have your luggage secured as it comes with a luggage tag and lock; so no need to worries about losing your precious possessions!

It measures 21.3” x 15.4” x 8.7”, making it easy for you to fit it in any airline’s overhead bin. It’s perhaps a bit harder to handle than other carry-on luggage, as it doesn’t have any side or bottom handle. It does however have a very stylish leather trim top handle and a telescoping handle as well. Owing to the relative weight of the leather material compared to polycarbonate, it’s heavier than the Bellagio 21” Spinner, but 8.6 pounds is nothing to write home about.

Brics Luggage Life 21in Carry-On Spinner interiorThe Bric’s Luggage Life 21” Carry On Spinner has no bells and whistle in terms of functionality, with a simple interior which only features one main compartment which can pack a lot of clothes (but no mesh pockets on the backside of the lid), and one big exterior front pocket (which can easily fit a Mac Book), and its specs are not outstanding by any means. What it does have to offer though is an undeniable classy look and unique olive and lipstick red colors in a vintage “velvety” leather material.

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Bric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Rolling Duffle

Bric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Rolling Duffle With a 60-year history, Bric’s has had time to diversify their key offerings. This 21” carry on rolling duffle from the Life collection stays true to the brand’s image as a top maker of travel bags, making no compromise on the quality or vintage style that Bric’s is famous for.

In fact, the Bric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Rolling Duffle is a great example of the brand’s design ingenuity, as demonstrated by its exterior front pocket (big enough for a Mac Book and magazines) –a pretty rare feature on duffle bags– or its robust shield-like wheel corner guards… Bric’s bags are pricey, but it’s totally justifiable when you look at quality like this. While some of the rolling carry on duffle bags we previously mentioned on this site certainly looked functional enough for a hiking adventure, this Bric’s duffle with wheels is undoubtedly the Rolls Royce of the lot. It’s the perfect match for a style-conscious man or woman, with its irresistible olive, red, pink and blackcurrant colors.

This stunning rolling duffle is made from only the best PVC coated cotton canvas material. It sports that certain classic suede look that you will see in certain old fashioned luggage like the Buffalo Jackson leather duffle bags. It’s also built out of a water and stain resistant fabric that helps maintain its top class aesthetic appeal. The main interior compartment is really big, beware however that you clothes will rest on the two bars from the telescoping handle which is integrated in the back of the bag, so organize your clothes accordingly.

Bric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Rolling Duffle oliveBric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Rolling Duffle interiorThe Bic’s Life Carry-On Rolling Duffle measures 21.6” x 9.8” x 12.6”, which is inside most airlines’ carry-on size authorizations. It is also quite lightweight at only 7 pounds, and with its wide leather handles, makes it easy for you to carry this bag around with little to no hassles at all. It also comes with inline skate wheels for smooth and easy rolling. Also, you are confident that your bag and its inside are secured with the help of a luggage tag and lock.

Traveling doesn’t mean that you need to deprive yourself of being stylish. You also don’t need to sacrifice functionality just to look good. The Bric’s Luggage Life 21 Inch Carry On Rolling Duffle will make your travel life easier while allowing you to express your classic fashion sense.

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Bric’s Life 24” Trolley with Suiter

Bric’s Life 24” Trolley with SuiterWhat makes the Bric’s brand stand out is that they always make sure that each of the Brics bags and luggage they release has its own personality. One good example is the Bric’s Life 24” Trolley with Suiter. This old fashioned luggage looks like a tank, and with dimensions of 24” x 20” x 11”, it’s no surprise it does (we also hesitated on writing about this luggage in this article, as you may have problems making it pass for a carry-on in a lot of airports due to its width).

This suitcase is made from high quality PVC coated material which is treated with “bottolatura”, a special leather tumbling process in large barrels that dates back to the 50’s and gives the material its softness and grainy shammy-like texture. With Bric’s quality, you are guaranteed that you can still use this bag after years of frequent usage as it’s made to endure any travel conditions.


According to us, this Brigs vintage style luggage is a bit heavy-duty compared to other available luggage in the market as it weighs 13 pounds. However, if weight is no issue to you then you won’t find any problems at all with this amazing luggage. The main compartment is big enough to accommodate all your clothing and travel essential for four to five days of travel, and if you’re going to a business meeting or wedding, the great suiter system will ensure your suit arrives wrinkle-free. It also comes with inline skate wheels so that you can smoothly and easily roll this Bric’s luggage around with ease. It also sports durable top and side carry handles for hassle-free lifting. If you’ve got other stuff to keep, the interior flat pocket and the exterior back pocket will be of great help to you. Be sure to check the Bric’s Life 24” Suiter Trolley out!

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