Buffalo Jackson’s Leather and Canvas Duffle Bags for Men

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co

2016/04 update: the collections presented below aren’t available on Amazon anymore. However, you can get your hands on them straight on the Buffalo Jackson website.

Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. was born out of a yearning for the pre-industrial Revolution male, when hard work and integrity were idealized, and the idea of the feminized and domesticated male of today inconceivable.

Himself a Southern gentleman, Buffalo Jackson’s founder answered the call of the West by moving from Tennessee to Colorado. Working for a house painting company, he discovered an appreciation for the hard working blue collar men around him. It was at that time that he founded a wilderness leadership program to teach masculinity lessons and reconnect with our masculine heritage.

Reflecting on clothing trends, he deplored the deconstruction of masculine virtues prevalent in fashion shows and hip New York brands. On the opposite side, companies in the West offered rugged and technical gear designed more for mountaineering or blue collar labour than for suburban men caring about their style, as if a man couldn’t be both tough and stylish. This divide in male clothing was as if you either had to be a style and pastel loving pretty boy or a rugged cowboy mountain man. Curiously, past clothing companies offered both in the same catalogue, from Abercrombie & Fitch supplying Teddy Roosevelt’s trip down the Amazon to Burberry outfitting soldiers and polar explorers with wool coats. But these businesses slowly disappeared or changed trends.

And so Buffalo Jackson was created as a company offering clothing and gear to men, with classic and timeless styles that were also rugged, fit for Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway as well as the modern adventurous and stylish man. Buffalo Jackson grew out of word of mouth, creating a movement around the return to our masculine heritage, where importance is placed on the idea of hard work, honest values, classic styles and a little rugged side.

With this history in mind, read the rest of the article for a review of several essential Buffalo Jackson collections:

Elkton Collection

Expedition Travel Luggage Bag – Waxed Canvas and Leather

Elkton leather weekender bag Elkton leather weekender bagBeing one of the most popular brands in the leather bag industry, Buffalo Jackson offers bags that are not only visually appealing but also very durable. The Elkton Travel Luggage Waxed Canvas and Leather Bag has all the makings of a true classic from the world-renown brand. This waxed canvas luggage is all about strength and durability.

This leather carry on bag has a durable waxed canvas and leather body. The bag is also sewn together using heavy duty nylon stitching giving you the confidence that it will last long after several uses. It also sports a full grain whiskey leather finish providing the bag a classic blend of look.

The Elkton Travel Luggage Waxed Canvas and Leather Bag also comes with stout and thick YKK Nickel Zippers that ensure a durable protection for your valuables. It also sports a full adjustable and detachable leather strap that can help you carry the bag along with you effortlessly. It also features a tough carry handle providing you comfort and mobility.

The bag also has a sturdy brown canvas interior lining. It comes with a 4” false bottom interior made from ballistic nylon which is easy to clean if dirtied by boots. The Elkton Travel Luggage Bag comes with interior zipper pockets as well as one big buckled exterior pocket on one side and two smaller phone-sized leather pockets on the other side. The item is imported from Mexico and you can ensure that is made with quality and durability.

If you are looking for a waxed canvas luggage that’s not only durable but also stylishly good-looking, the Elkton Wax Canvas and Leather Travel Luggage is the one for you!

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Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag – Satchel

Elkton men’s leather satchel Elkton men’s leather satchelA messenger bag is often deemed as the bag that is fit for real men. The messenger bag is also known as a satchel bag to some people. Either way, it’s considered a classic bag, ideal for both work and adventure.

In fact, the Elkton Waxed Canvas messenger bag almost seemed like it was designed to be carried on a camel’s back through the Sahara desert. It is constructed from quality waxed canvas twill. This leather men’s satchel comes with an interior foam ideal for storing laptops and other electronic devices. This bag also showcases a beautiful handcrafted classic design with tough nylon stitching.

The bag also comes with a side leather pocket with leather flaps that comes with magnet closure to secure your belongings. It also has front and back zipper pockets. It also features an interior leather holder ideal for storing your pens, cases, cords an cash. The bag comes with YKK zippers coupled with stout and durable nickel hardware.

The Elkton Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag has a leather strap with padding making the bag comfortable to carry around. The bag is manufactured in Mexico so you can be sure it’s made to last for a long time. In the design and quality department, this messenger bag won’t fail you at all.

Although it might not be fit to carry with a suit and tie, this men’s leather satchel is an ideal companion for men who want to bring a side of their personality at work, or just simply a man who wants to go on an adventure. The Elkton Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag is all about quality, style and comfort, and if you’re a man’s man, it should definitely be on your radar.

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Large Duffle Travel Bag – Waxed Canvas and Leather

Elkton large waxed canvas men's leather duffle bagElkton large waxed canvas men's leather duffle bag Another popular bag in Buffalo Jackson’s Elkton line is the Elkton Large Duffle Travel Bag. It’s a durable and stylish leather and waxed canvas duffle bag. This bag is ideal for any travel destination on any given occasion.

Being one of Buffalo Jackson’s most popular leather duffle bags for men, this heavy duty duffle bag is made from quality and durable canvas with a grey-khaki color and stylish whiskey leather trim. Buffalo Jackson has also made sure to improve the bag’s quality by making use of heavy duty nylon stitching and YKK nickel zippers that secure all your belongings while traveling.

The leather duffle bag also comes with strong carry handles on both ends making it easy for you to move it around. It also features an adjustable full grain leather strap that can help you carry the bag with ease. For added comfort, the bag’s leather strap comes with a good-in-the-hand foam pad.

The Elkton Large Duffle Travel Bag sports two spacious inside end compartments to keep all your stuff for travel. This leather duffle bag also features a sturdy brown canvas interior lining so you can ensure that the bag is made for quality. In terms of dimensions, the bag measures 23” x 12” and 15”.

If you are a type of traveler who packs a lot or prefers a compartment that allows neater organization, you might as well consider other options. If not, this bag is good enough to get you through a short business trip or vacation. Above all, it’s a great sports duffle bag; if you’ve been looking for leather gym bags for men, then this one is surely one to consider.

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Charleston Collection

Large Duffle Travel Bag – Canvas and Leather

Charleston Large canvas and leather duffle bag for menCharleston large waxed canvas duffle bagAnother equally popular bag in the Charleston Collection is the Charleston Large Duffle Travel. Just like the other bags in the Charleston Collection, this bag is one of the best leather carry on bags in the market. It’s not only sturdy but also classy-looking in its denim blue color. It’s ideal for weekend getaways.

This heavy duty duffle bag was made from 100% cotton durable water resistant canvas material. To improve the bag’s durability, it also has whiskey leather trim stitched with quality nylon, and YKK nickel zippers to shut your belongings tight. We bet this bag could last you a lifetime…

It also features tough carry handles and full grain leather strap so you can carry this heavy duty duffle bag with ease. The Charleston Large Duffle Travel Bag comes with two spacious compartments with leather trim and zipper center compartment to keep all your travel essentials and gear. The Charleston Large Duffle Gear Bag also has a leather pocket on one end of the bag (closed by a buckle strap), where you can store a phone or wallet. This waxed canvas duffle bag is crafted in Mexico, ensuring its quality and durability. With dimensions of 23″ x 12″ x 15″ it might still fit in airplanes, though its usage is more appropriate for train or car rides.

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Holston Collection

Large Duffle Travel Bag – Waxed Canvas and Leather

Holston large waxed canvas duffle bag for men Holston large waxed canvas duffle bag for menBelonging to the Buffalo Jackson’s Holston Collection, the Elkton Travel Luggage Bag is another popular leather weekender bag, with the same dimensions as Charleston Large Duffle Gear Bag. In fact, it is essentially the same, but in a different color, grey, which is a more versatile color than denim blue.

Again, this men’s leather travel bag is made from quality waxed canvas and leather material. It comes with whiskey leather – full grain in handle, pocket and straps. To make the bag more durable, Buffalo Jackson made sure that the bag was sewn together using heavy duty nylon.

You can carry this waxed canvas luggage around using a fully adjustable and detachable leather strap, or the strong carry handle on top and on the side. It also features a heavy duty brown canvas interior lining and a 4” false bottom made from ballistic nylon to make it easy to clean. The Elkton Travel Luggage Bag has interior zipper pockets, as well as the same exterior leather pocket than the Charleston Large Duffle Bag.

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Small Duffle Gym Bag – Canvas and Leather

Holston small sports duffle bagHolston small sports duffle bagAnother must-have in the Holston Collection is the Holston Small Duffle Gym Bag. Like its bigger brother above and its Charleston cousin, it’s essentially the same as the Charleston Small Duffle Gym Bag, but in grey instead of denim blue. It’s still one of the most popular gym duffle bags offered by the said brand. This men’s canvas duffle bag is ideal for travel, hunting, office and gym use.

This men’s canvas duffle bag is made from durable water resistant canvas material that comes with whiskey leather trim stitched by high quality nylon, and YKK nickel zippers to keep your stuff secured. The bag also boats a full leather bottom made from one thick piece of heavy duty leather.

Like almost all other Buffalo Jackson bags, this men’s canvas duffle bag comes with tough carry handle and a full leather strap so you can carry it anywhere without any hassles. It also sports a durable brown canvas interior lining for added durability, and two spacious end compartments good enough to pack your garments and other travel essentials.

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Cambridge Collection

Large Duffle Travel Bag – Canvas and Leather

Cambridge large men’s leather duffle bag Cambridge large men’s leather duffle bagIf you are looking for an ideal travel companion, the Cambridge Large Duffle Travel Bag from the Cambridge Collection is the one of the most notable style-wise. Exactly similar in construction to the other large duffle bags of the Charleston and Holston collections, with the same dimensions of 23” x 12 x 15” and all the same features:

  • High quality water resistant canvas material
  • Whiskey leather trim with durable nylon stitching
  • Thick and heavy duty YKK nickel zippers
  • Canvas interior lining
  • Side leather phone/wallet pocket with buckle strap

However, it’s even more eye-catching, thanks to its red canvas exterior and dark brown leather pieces. If you are one of those people who find themselves traveling on a consistent basis, this canvas duffle bag for men is the one for you.

This men’s leather duffle bag also has a 100% adjustable full grain leather strap and durable carry handles on both ends. This will enable you to easily carry this leather weekender bag with ease. For added comfort, the bag also comes with comfortable foam pads.

The heavy duty duffle bag is one of the best leather bags for men. It comes with two spacious inside end compartments ideal for storing all kinds of travel stuff that you will need, as well as gym or work gear. This product is imported from Mexico so you are guaranteed that you get the best product on the market.

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Kipling Leather Duffle Bag

Kipling Camel Leather Duffle Bag for Men Kipling Camel Leather Duffle Bag for MenKipling is another popular collection from Buffalo Jackson that has been making waves. The craftsmanship in this Kipling Leather Duffle Bag is exemplary. Among all the pieces reviewed here, this vintage leather bag is perhaps the one most adapted for adventure, featuring a classic English designed inspired by the days of intrigue in British-Empire India, when story-tellers read tales from their worn-out field journals. It is made from genuine full grain leather with a distinctive camel color, antique brass rivets and hardware, all from a small-town factory in India. You can guarantee that this men’s leather duffle bag is made to last…

Despite its three exterior buckled pockets to pack your accessories, toiletries and travel documents, it still retains a sophisticated look. It gives you the vintage appearance without losing you in the shuffle of modern-day fashion. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and carry handles so that you can carry this bag around effortlessly. If you are looking for a vintage leather duffle bag that can carry all your travel essentials while looking incredibly manly, this is it.

Tempted by the Kipling Leather Duffle Bag? It’s on Amazon.com for $230.

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