Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley review

Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On Spinner Luggage Delsey may not be as famous as Samsonite or Travelpro in the United States, but a lot of travellers in Europe swear only by the French manufacturer’s luggage. As one of the first luggage maker, with a history going back over 60 years, Delsey offers quality for the everyday man and women at an affordable price. This is a review of the Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On exp. Spinner Trolley, just one of our Delsey luggage reviews.


The sleek Helium Sky Carry-on expandable suiter spinner from the French luggage brand is made with micro ballistic fabric. The exterior is water resistant so it will keep your clothes dry in case of rain.

A suiter system folds out of the lid to store your formal attire and keep it wrinkle-free, while the shoe pocket keeps your shoes packed away and clean. The 3 front zippered pockets offer extra storage for small items and travel documents.

The in-line skate wheels are recessed for protection, and assure smooth 360° manoeuvrability to keep your arm from straining. This carry-on luggage’s corner guards and reinforced kick plate also preserve the bag from wear and tear at key stress points.

The padded top, side and bottom handle make the luggage easy to lift into an overhead compartment or car trunk and are nicely recessed so they don’t catch on things (maybe a bit too recessed for easy access?). The telescoping handle locks in two positions, so that it’s more convenient based on if you want to push the luggage on its 4 wheels or pull it like a 2-wheel upright case.


Like most Delsey luggage, the Helium Sky carry-on is very well made and one of the lightest carry-on luggage, at only 7 lbs. It also seems durable, though there have been one or two reports of the wheels’ rubber coating coming off slightly after a year of usage, which make it harder to roll. Still, the 4-wheel spinner design is a big improvement over the older 2-wheel trolley model. Just keep in mind that this adds more length to the suitcase. Contrary to 2-wheeler luggage which uses an in-line skate design, spinner wheels protrude which increase their risk of breaking (but do increase the usable space in the luggage). Just a trade-off to take into account…

The best thing about this suitcase may be its flashy blue color, as it’s very easy to spot on the carousel. It may not seem important, but if you’ve every waited at baggage claim while a slew of black luggage passed in front of you, you know the value of a shiny blue bag standing out from the pack. If you don’t want to stand out, the Delsey Helium Sky Spinner Carry-On is also available in black.

This luggage offers a great amount of space so you can just toss it in the trunk of your car and go on your weekend without packing anything else. It’s perfect for a college student visiting his home for the holidays. The inside of the front lid offers a suiter system with a hanger, which is great if you’re going to a wedding or an important business meeting. The extra pockets give immediate access to important things that you don’t want to lose. The bag also expands 2” for heavy packing and bringing back souvenirs from your trips. The interior main compartment has two parallel adjustable tie-down straps. A small caveat is that the interior bottom is not padded and the handles are only covered by material. As a result, your clothes are essentially lying on the poles, which can leave marks on them.

Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On Spinner Luggage interiorThis Delsey carry-on luggage has enough storage compartments and pockets to keep all your belongings well-arranged and organized. But is the number of pockets too much? Indeed there are 3 zippered compartments on the front lid. They are great to pack a magazine or a very thin netbook (so you can pull them out easily when on the place or going through security), but anything bigger will likely make the pockets distort and form a bulge which would make them more prone to tears and cuts. Furthermore, these front pockets cannot be locked. The nylon coil zippers are self-repairing, but they aren’t the smoothest we’ve ever seen (although they’re strong), which may impair usability for you a little bit.

Before we close off this review, there is something you should be wary of, and that is the size of this luggage, which is right at the upper limit of carry-on sizes. You should review your airlines guidelines prior to boarding.

The measurements of the Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On are the following:

  • Height: 23″ (including the wheels with the handle completely down)
  • Width: 14”
  • Depth: 9 1/2″ (without the 2″ expander packing space)

Usually, airlines offer “wiggle room”, and sometimes they won’t even measure your luggage if it looks like a “carry-on size” enough, but if you don’t feel comfortable threading that line, maybe you should look at other carry-on luggage. If you’re just looking for a luggage for light car and camping expeditions, this bag offers great quality.

Bottom line

At $85, the Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley is right in that sweet affordable spot, and it’s one of the lightest carry-on luggage. It’s a modern-looking suitcase, with offers an attractive color and extensive packing and organizing options, at the expense of a few design trade-offs which we’ve mentioned in this review.

Buy the Delsey Helium Sky Carry-on exp. Spinner Suiter Trolley on for just $85

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Delsey Helium Sky Carry-On expandable Spinner Suiter Trolley review admin

Summary: This sky-blue Delsey expandable spinner is surprisingly affordable for its quality; it offers great organization, but its bare interior and 23" height may deter some people.


Sleek-looking Delsey luggage

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