Expedite Airport Screening with TSA Pre-Check

According to reports from the Transportation Security Administration representatives, the expedited airport screening program TSA Pre-Check is expanding in an increasing aggressive manner to more airports and promises additional lanes by the end of the year.

TSA Pre-Check operates in 92 airports in the entire United States of America and can only be accessed by the frequent flier programs members on seven partner airlines (Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America) or by the federal Trusted Traveler Program. However, there is an opt-in enrollment that will be launched in November and consequently accommodate any citizen of United States to fill out an 85-dollar membership application and vetting. In addition, the TSA Pre-Check goal is to be in 350 airports by the mid of next year.

A TSA representative said that when you come in through the process of new enrollment, you’ll have a five years membership across all the carriers.

If you have not yet witnessed this service, the TSA Pre-Check ensures that all the eligible travelers will forego removal of belts, shoes and lightweight jackets also removing laptops from their cases. Included in the shortcut is its own screening lanes and strolling through an old-school metal detector against standing inside a body-scan chamber.

While program advocates declare the chance to reduce the waiting times and eradicate minor embarrassments, critics say that the TSA Pre-Check is invading personal privacy because of surveying individual histories. Legitimate passengers, who completely fill out an application, are required to submit an identity proof and must offer fingerprints during background checks.

However, the representatives of TSA speaking to ABC News were quick to dismiss such statements by saying that the process is a voluntary one. If one feels aggrieved with the process, they cannot be coerced into it, but should instead follow their own belief of what is best.

After its launch in 2011, over 17 million travelers have experienced the program. The agency believes that by the end of the year, TSA Pre-Check will be fully operational in 100 airports.

To learn more about the nitty-gritty, be sure to visit http://www.tsa.gov/tsa-precheck/tsa-precheck-faqs.

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