Travelpro Carry-On Luggage

Travelpro Carry-On LuggageThe story of Travelpro begins in 1987 with Northwest Airlines pilot Bob Plath, who needed an easier way to transport his bags through busy airports. At the time, most bags were too big and too heavy, and oriented horizontally, so that they had to be carried through airports with their top handles. “It seemed like chaos that could be cured” says Plath. Bob found a solution that was simple. He designed a vertical suitcase with two wheels and an extendable handle that he could roll through airports and carry on planes, and called it the Rollaboard. Soon enough, he was selling it to fellow flight crew, and then to consumers, earning the company its famous slogan as “the choice of flight crews and frequent travellers”. Its invention made modern-day travel far easier, so much so that Travelpro was one of the fastest growing private companies in America in the 90’s. As the result of the Travelpro Rollaboard’s success, airport security procedures and equipment were standardized to accommodate this popular rolling carry-on, and airlines reconfigured their fleets with overhead storage bins that could hold the new carry-ons.

In the quarter century since its foundation, Travelpro has prided itself on design innovation and durability in crafting the highest quality luggage for the frequent traveller. Travelpro customers generally appreciate the outstanding strength, practical functionality and stylish innovations of Travelpro luggage. Today, Travelpro offers suitcases, carry-on luggage, upright luggage, garment and duffle bags, tote and travel tote bags, brief cases, rolling computer briefcases, and backpacks, through a dozen collections, the most famous being Crew 9, Walkabout Lite 4, Platinum 7 or Runway.


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