Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20in. Expandable Wide Body Spinner review

Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20in Expandable Wide Body Spinner - Travelpro carry onTravelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20in Expandable Wide Body Spinner interiorThe Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20-inch Expandable Wide Body Spinner is one of the ultimate travel solutions, designed in a way that it provides ample storage, while remaining in modern domestic airline maximum size requirements.

This Travelpro carry on is made from durable nylon fabric with a stain resistant coating referred to as Duraguard. The TPR (soft rubber) telescoping handle offers a comfortable grip, as does the bottom footer, making the lifting of the bag that much easy. This Walkabout Lite includes self-repairing nylon coil zippers to enhance durability, and the ball-bearing spinner wheels ensure smooth mobility but are also removable. The bags interior has a removable suiter that keeps your suits wrinkle-free and that also acts as a packing board when it has been detached. Interior mesh and zipper pockets also provide additional packing space for small items such as undergarments, socks and shoes, while the exterior features a front pocket for items that need to be accessed quickly such as planes tickets, as well as an extra-long pocket for storing a raincoat, magazines, or a small laptop.

To ensure that the spinners from the Walkabout collection are durable and lightweight, a research was carried-out on every individual bag components to facilitate the manufacture of the Walkabout 4 with the lightest wheels, hardware, graphite frame and high-tech plastics available. Standing at 9lbs, we question the success of this research, as there are lighter carry-ons out there, but 9lbs is still light for such a solid and multi-feature bag.

The Walkabout innovation gives a choice between the uprights of a traditional two-wheel rollaboard and the latest spinner design that offers four spinner wheels that can move in any direction. The latter is a growing trend of luggage design preferred by many travellers due to its ease of maneuverability. Whenever you’re in a crowded elevator or airport counters, it’s easy to roll this 20 inch wide body Travelpro carry on luggage down the plane’s aisle. Its design witnessed a loss of two vertical inches compared to its 22-inch carry-on rollaboard cousin, but this was compensated by adding two inches on the width, hence making the bag more compacted. Nevertheless, this magnificent spinner carry on luggage shares many features with the 22-inch such as the interior pocket on the lid housing a fully removable suit feature. This feature is quite distinctive, as the suit panels can change into an interior divider or a packing board.

Overall, this Travelpro Walkabout 4 has tough-stuff features such as quality double wheels on every corner (for a total of 8 wheels) to increase its maneuverability, and top-flight nylon materials with Duraguard coating to increase resistance from stain and soil. This unique treatment of fabric ensures that the outer shell of the case is always clean and cannot be stained over the lifetime of the bag. This Travelpro carry on also offers smart features such as multiple pockets and a multi-function suiter system.

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Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20in. Expandable Wide Body Spinner review admin

Summary: The Travelpro Walkabout Lite 4 20" spinner was designed to be the ultimate business suitcases, with airline regulations-friendly size and removable double spinner wheels, a very durable nylon shell, multiple accessible pockets, and a triple-use suiter system.


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